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    We Offer Well Equipped and Complete Temporal Bone Work Station. These Temporal Bone Work Station Can Be Customized to Meet the Clients’ Requirement. This is a State of Art Work Station Which is Used for Diagnosing and Treating the Patients with Fractured/Broken Temporal Bones. Temporal Bone Work Station is Assembled Using Only Best Quality Components Procured from Selected Group of Vendors. This Lab Will Also Benefit the Faculty of Ent, Ctvs and Neuorsurgery in Getting Experience in Skull Base Surgery.

    Feature & Consist

    Irrigation System Automatic
    Microscope Camera
    Micro Motor Reverse & Forward Cutting with Foot Control 40,000 Rpm
    Handpiece Straight for Micro Motor
    Hand Piece Spray with Nozzle
    Temporal Bone Holder
    Ent Cutting Burr Set of 8 Pcs.
    Oval Shape Cutting Burr Set of 3 Pcs.
    Diamond Burr Set of 3 Pcs.
    Burr Stand
    Micro Cup Forceps
    Micro Crocodile Forceps
    Micro Straight and Curved Needle
    Micro Sickle Knife
    Micro Right Angle Pick
    Micro Instruments Box Stainless Steel
    Adson Forceps Plain
    Adson Forceps 1x2 Teeth
    Micro Suction Tip with Adapter Set of 12 Pcs.
    Suction Tube Ferguson
    B.p. Handle
    B.p. Handle Blades - 1 Box
    Small Temporal Bone Instrument Drawer with Lock System
    Medium Temporal Bone Instruments Drawer with Lock System
    Large Temporal Bone Instruments Drawer with Lock System
    Hydraulic Chair

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